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Things you must ensure before buying a home

When you decide to buy your own home, there are countless efforts of yours behind that decision. Hence you must precisely ensure every little thing before you invest your precious money in a property. Following are some tips that help you ease your home-buying decision. ·         Look for a project in the city that fits your financial budget, fulfils your need for space, location and easy connectivity, etc. ·         Enquire all essential things about the project. Make sure that the project is RERA approved, has a clear title and beares occupancy and completion certificate. ·         Don't hesitate to go a little deep as you must estimate the total cost of ownership, including parking charges, stamp duty, registration charges. All this could add to almost 5-20 % of the basic cost of the residence. ·         In case of buying a resale property, kindly make sure that the owner must furnish you with documents like receipts of property tax paid and no-dues certifica