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How your bedroom must be arranged according to 'Vastu Shastra'!

Wisely arranged things in your home can completely transform the aura of your home. Every room, each corner in your home always witnesses every moment in your life. Likewise, a bedroom is a place in your home where you settle, rest, sleep and repeat. Vastu Shastra has unfolded the idea of how you can thoughtfully & scientifically arrange things in your bedroom. Let's see how Vastu Shastra helps you transform your bedroom into a place of comfort. The Direction Your bedroom must be facing the south-west direction as it brings in well-being & prosperity & makes your life long-lasting. Whereas, a bedroom of your home must not be in the north-east or south-east region. It ushers in great sorrow & can lead to an unpleasant atmosphere. Where should Bed go? Undoubtedly, every bedroom has a bed where you can indulge in comfort as you like. Hence it's important to place a bed in the right spot. The direction of a bed should be west-east.